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Quotes Notebooks Pack

Quotes Notebooks Pack

14.50 EUR9.50 EUR
Notebooks Quotes  
"If i'm mad kiss me, kiss me if i'm mad"
"Great Art, Bad Art"
"Disconnect, Reconnect"

Pack with 3 original notebooks Pack
Material: 200g watercolor paper on cover
Recycled ivory coloured paper on the inside - blank pages
Size: 14x20cm / 60 pages

-- Português --------------

Pack de cadernos "Quotes"
Pack com 3 notebooks originais
Material: capa em papel aguarela 200g
Interior em papel reciclado - folhas lisas
Tamanho: 14x20cm / 60 páginas
Feito à mão

-- Español ---------------

Set de cuadernos "Citaciones"
Set de 3 libretas originales
Material: Portada en papel acuarela 200g.
Interior en papel reciclado - hojas en blanco
Tamaño: 14x20cm / 60 paginas
Hecho a mano

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