Catitaillustrations® is a Spain based company, founded on the idea that pretty things can make a big difference. We believe that even these pretty things must be well designed and serve a purpose – even if that purpose is unadulterated fun. We adore prints, paperbags, pillows, stickers and understand their power to make people smile.


We are catitaillustrations®

We are catitaillustrations

We don’t stand for ugly or lame and strive to elevate the simple and fun. We promise that your catitaIllustrations® experience will be driven by happiness and fun.


This really means a lot to us!

If you are interested in distributing our products we’d love to hear from you! All of our products are supplied packaged and ready (except art prints) for retailing. For wholesale pricing and availability, please contact us!

You can find our products in stores around the World… well… actually… only around Europe. (that’s super cool too!)

- Austria
- Belgium
- Estonia
- France
- Greece
- Italy
- Netherlands
- Portugal
- Spain
- Switzerland
- United Kingdom


That’s all about going bananas!

We also work as a studio and most of our designs are created as a team.

Illustration: If you need to color your corporate image, or look for a new way to enlighten your products, we offer fully personalized illustration services.

Graphic & Web Design: Looking for a cool website? Or maybe an eye-catching graphic to sell your products? Be that as it may, you’ll stand out by relying on our team.

Brand identity: We’re experts in brand design. Naming, logo design or claim writing are some of our specialties, and we are trusted from small businesses to large companies.

Advertising: Our staff has a large experience in advertising creativity, both for traditional and online media.